Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's next.

The reality is that Chairman Vince Gray is going to be the next mayor of DC.

So to carry on the battle cry of the Vince Gray for Mayor campaign we humbly offer to the socialmediaCitizens of the District of Columbia the services of DCONECITY (dc1city is us too) across the socialmedia landscape.  

Youtube Channel for us is set up
Blog for DCONECITY, your on it.
Twitter many are already following @dconecity @dc1city is us to and dominate.

We have cleared the IP and started the paperwork for the Trademarks with the widespread deployment of the name across socialmedia and publically advertised as DC ONE CITY.   So with no pior vailid claims to DC ONE CITY  we all now can embark upon this journey.

The current ownership of these domains and socialmedia properties are being held in trust by a DC Not for Profit Corporation Help Earth Foundation.   As in everything HEF does we'll aim for positive Marginal Utility of Public Good.